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Birthdate: June 22, 1927
Education: The Graduate School , University of Tokyo, Fellowship Researcher
Educational and Business Background
March 1952 Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Sociology Department (Major: Industrial Sociology)
1952 − 1955 Fellowship Researcher, Graduate School, University of Tokyo (Major: Business Management)
April 1955 Joined Rikkyo University (After being appointed Assistant Professor and Associate Professor, became Professor from 1965 to 1989)
1960 − 1962 Post Doctoral Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
1970 − 1976 Chief Executive and Founder of Japan Research Institute, a non-profit think tank
(Vice President from 1976 to 1981)
1975 Fellow at Harvard University
May 1981 President of Japan Research Institute (until 2001)
1985− 1987 President and Founder of New Business Conference, a non-profit organization of entrepreneurs
April 1989 President and Founder of Tama University [private university]
May 1993 Chairman of Japan Management School (to present)
April 1995 Honorary President of Tama University upon resignation as President (to present)
April 1997 President and Founder of Miyagi University [Prefectural university] (until 2001)
October 2001 Chairman of Japan Research Institute
April 2006 President of Japan Research Institute (to present)
2007 Trustee of the Graduate School of Management, Globis University
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